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Greg Belson - Diggers Dozen Mix Series 7 (CD)
Greg Belson
Diggers Dozen Mix SERIES VOLUME 7 (CD)
King of gospel records Greg Belson brings number seven in the Diggers Dozen Mix Series. LA based collector & international DJ, Belson is one of the world's leading authorities on the funky gospel sound, hunting across America and the globe for gospel gold. Over the last few years he has compiled two superb compilations "Greg Belson's Divine Disco" Vol.1 & 2 on Cultures of Soul exploring gospel disco, modern soul and boogiefied sounds as well as forthcoming compilation "The Time For Peace Is Now - Gospel Music About Us" on Luaka Bop released September 13th. He also hosts the highly acclaimed "Divine Chord Gospel Show" on LA's Dublab radio, with an extensive archive of broadcasts online.
Greg Belson selects twelve sublime rare and off the radar gospel gems from the Divine Chord vaults for this supreme mix in the series. Listen to preview
£9 (+ Shipping)
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