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Diggers Dozen Live Sessions VOLUME 4
Live Sessions CD #4 presented by DJ Format - Brighton (UK) based hip-hop beat maker, record digger and DJ wizard. Format has produced a wealth of albums over the last 15 years working with MCs such as Edan, Abdominal, Phill Most Chill as well as remixing, selecting for comps and being involved with side projects including The Simonsound "Reverse Engineering" an album Inspired by 50s & 60s electronic music. With a big focus on record digging, Format has been busy over the many years searching out gems from right across the board, getting his fingers dusty in record shops, record fairs and checking in with private dealers across the globe when on tours.
DJ Format selects 12 very killer mystery Library & OST tracks from his bountiful collection for this 4th Diggers Dozen Live Sessions CD. Listen to preview
£9 (+ Shipping)
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