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Diggers Dozen Live Sessions VOLUME 5
Session number 5 executed by beat digger supremo and mastermind behind the game-changing "Dusty Fingers" comp series comes from none other than DJ Danny Dan The Beat Mann! Hailing from the South Bronx, Danny first started buying records at a young age and begun DJing in the early-70s. In 1975 he saw DJ Kool Herc for the first time DJing in the park, doubling up breaks which captivated and influenced Danny to get involved in this movement which was called Hip-Hop. After finding many of the US funk, soul, rock breakbeat records over the years he decided he needed to search wider and begun looking globally for records, picking up unfamiliar artists and genres. In the Mid 90s Danny Dan started the series of next level breakbeat compilations "Dusty Fingers" encompassing some of the most rare and elusive records from across the board, introducing listeners to a deeper level.
The Beat Mann selects a primo dusty dozen for this supreme Diggers Dozen mix. Listen to preview

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