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Andrew Westbury - Edlica Records
Eldica Records boss Andrew Westbury takes us through 12 of his most loved, under the radar, vinyl rarities selected from his over 30 year deep extensive collection, for the first in the series of the "Top Shelf Dozen". Andy shares some knowledge on these 12 rare records with history and how he sourced some of these dusty pieces.
If not already familiar with Eldica Records, be sure to visit their marvelous shop which is based in the heart of Dalston on 8 Bradbury Street, London N16 8JN. A go-to-spot for 2nd hand original pressings of Soul, Funk, Reggae, Caribbean, Jazz, Brazilian, Library, OST's and everything in-between. This place really is laden with gems and highly recommended to visit! See links below for more deets, also listen to a killer DD sessions from Andy recorded back in November 2016.

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The Upperhand Band - Free Music
Picked this up early 90's. Eddie Bo on Acid! Killer Funk and a tough find. Listen
Red Devils - Redevils
Red Devils
"Redevils" (Preiser Records 1974)
Obtained from the late greatest record dealer Mike Vital (R.I.P). Austrian band instrumental library-esq funk. Listen
Stephen Encinas - Disco Illusion
Stephen Encinas
"Disco Illusion" (Kalinda 1979)
The ultimate boogie record outside of the states. Incredible production. Sounds like nothing else. Super rare and fetching silly money. Listen
Andre Ceccarelli - Rythmes
Andre Ceccarelli
"Rythmes" (Music De Wolfe 1976)
I used to go into Reckless Records on Berwick Street in the 80s when Jonathan Moore (Coldcut) worked there. I used to ask him for drum breaks and he hooked me up with this LP (plus others). Under £10 back then. Listen
The Troubadours of Barbados - Find Away
The Troubadours Of Barbados
"Find A Way" (Merry Disc 1972)
James Brown influenced funk from Barbados. Check the track "Funky Good Feeling". Listen
Mashramani Calypso Giants - Dis Is Mash
Mashramani Calypso Giants
"Dis is Mash" (Ober 1975)
Off the radar boogiefied piece from Guyana. Never seen or heard anyone talk about this record. Listen
B.T. Express - Do You Like It 7"
B.T. Express
"Do You Like It" (Scepter 1974)
Jamaican pressing of one of my all time favourite records for its break. Wondered why never pressed on 7" until I'd found this pressing. Listen
The J.B's - Use Me 7"
The J.B's
"Use Me" (Polydor 1972)
Killer J.B's version of Bill Withers "Use Me". Exists as a US promo, but was withdrawn. The best way to obtain this 45 is this French issue. Listen
Fly Guy - Fly Guy Rap
Fly Guy
"Fly Guy Rap" (Land of Hits 197?)
I was in a record shop North West London at least 25 years ago, going through a random pile of house records, and this wicked rap record pops up for £2. No Idea how it got there, glad it did, and I haven't see a copy since. Listen
Deltones - C.S.A. Strut
"C.S.A. Strut" (Atman 197?)
Monster trinidadian funk 45. Sounds like the J.B's & The Meters went on holiday to Port of Spain together and made this record. In reality Trinidadian artists were as talented as the likes of the J.B's etc. Listen
Prince Buster - Funky Jamaica
Prince Buster and His All Stars
"Funky Jamaica" (Prince Buster 197?)
One of the best versions of Funky Nassau out there. Very rare. Seen 2 copies in 25 years. Listen
These Eyes - Soca Hustle
These Eyes
"Soca Hustle" (HMT 1981)
Legendary rare 45. Wasn't a commercial success and apparently he threw all the deadstock unsold records into a dry river bed. Listen
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